Jon Mikl Thor first made waves in the bodybuilding world in Vancouver, Canada during the 1970’s. He won several bodybuilding titles, including Mr. Canada and Mr. USA.  Blending a powerful physique with the love of Norse mythology, Jon created the character, Thor The Rock Warrior. This gave birth to a new theatrical genre called “Gladiator Rock,” which was later popularized by acts he influenced, such as Manowar, Armored Saint, and Gwar. Clad in a loincloth, and wielding a sword and hammer, Jon Mikl Thor fought epic battles onstage.  He wowed crowds by performing incredible feats of strength, like bending steel bars in his mouth, blowing up hot water bottles until they explode, and having bricks smashed on his chest with a sledgehammer. Voted one of the greatest front man of all time by Classic Rock Magazine, Jon Mikl Thor has toured the world and shared the stage with acts like Motorhead, Kiss, Anvil, Thin Lizzy, Trooper, DOA, Girlschool, Wasp, Metallica, Manowar and Exciter.   Thor has also appeared on the big screen, starring in cult classic movies, such as Rock N Roll Nightmare, Recruits, and Zombie Nightmare.


Steve Price began his prolific career in the early 1980’s as a guitar teacher and sought after studio musician. In 1982, he auditioned for and was given the job of lead guitarist for the band Thor. Price has toured the world with and recorded several albums with Thor from 1982 – 1987. He frequently appeared in Metal Mania, Kerrang, Hit Parader, Melody Maker, and Enfer magazine.   Since then, Price has gone on to record, jam, and perform with dozens of artists such as, Greg Allman, Dom um Ramao from Weather Report, Les Paul, Ray Gillan from Badlands, Carmine Appice from Vanilla Fudge and Blue Murder, Ian Lloyd from Stories, Michael Brecker, saxophonist with various artists.


Originally from New York City, Mike’s passion for music began at an early age.  After a chance meeting with the legendary Keith Moon in 1967, Mike made the decision he would play the drums for the rest of his life. Before Joining Thor in the early 1980’s, Mike performed and recorded with a band called “The Hits,” produced by Steve Priest of the band “Sweet.”   Mike has appeared on several television programs in North America and Europe. He’s performed on over sixty albums and seven movie sound tracks.   Off the road, Mike is an accomplished drum programmer, session performer and drum teacher.  


Keith Zazzi was the bassist and backing vocalist for the Thor Band from 1982 - 1987. He co-wrote several songs for the band, including their most successful single, "Let the Blood Run Red". After leaving Thor, he wrote for, and performed with the popular east coast bands Phantom, Tomasina Gunn, and The Choir Boys. Most recently, he's been seen in and around NYC fronting his R & B band, The Night Train Express. Keith lives on Long Island with his wife and two children.